About US

Our purpose is to become the vitality for local businesses by making high quality products that can be used with confidence.

In December 2009 the JGDSA was established for cooperating companies in Oita to promote the online sales for products that are not mass produced and for semi- ordered products.

The first contest was held in January 2010. JGDSA was approved by NPO on March 22  and registered corporation on March 26 in 2010. The second contest was held in August 2011.
Meanwhile, the six winning designs of the contest were commercialized by the Research Institute in Oita and local cooperating companies and people.

Each product has the designer's and craftsman's affection and became original products under the technology cooperation between different businesses.

In the future, we want to commercialize design from all over the world through this contest. We also contribute to improve the skills of the companies in Oita and establish the " HOZO" brand.