Shape of Life Low Table
Shape of Life Low Table
Shape of Life Low Table


UENO Hiroshi

2010 Table Winner of the Chair and Table Design Contest

Shape of Life Low Table (The shape of life Low sitting table)

This work was inspired by the shape of life. This table was created by the following thought.
" It wasn't made in the shape of human's will but the shape of nature through the self -organization of thermodynamics.

In this century, while global environmental issues have been in close - view, the manufacturing process has been greatly questioned.

We intend to approach the answer little by little by observing the phenomenon of life. We'd like to show ourselves to society as "generation of life" symbol.

The complicated shape of this table has been materialized (come true) by the fusion of the latest digital technology and the craftsman's handwork.

The data is created using 3D CAD. The plywood is cut at a constant thickness using a laser.

Craftsmen polish and finish them with delicate handwork that is a time- consuming process.

   Birch (Urethane coating), strengthened glass